Production Day 1

Production for Elements has now been started. The first shoot for both Effie's and Zoe's parts have been completed. Below is some shots of the opening in production.

However, due to business in the town center and music being played, we had to move the meeting place to them meeting on a bridge rather than them meeting by a cafe - as this was a quiter place to film - so sound quality would be better.

Because of this we had to change the narrative slightly, to make the charecter of 'Flo' control the water under the bridge, rather than the water being controlled in the cafe.
Overall the filming went well and we managed to get most of the shots that we needed.

During this scene, we used both the tri-pod and hand held shots to get the feel we wanted for the scene, the shots from the arcade came out really well. We tried to stick to the storyboard to make sure we had all the footage we needed, however we also tried a variety of different shots, which may look better in the edit or we could use to fill in any gaps that came up.

As well as the scenes with Effie we also got some establishing shots, for the begging of each scene. For the very first establishing shot, we needed to shoot the whole of Bournemouth, Joe found a good location for this, on top of primark, which gives a great high shot of the town.



Equipment List


-          x1 Nikon D3100 camera

-           x1 Tripod

-          x1 Canon EOS 1100D

-           x1 SD card for main camera (8GB)

-          x1 SD card for secondary camera (8GB)


-          Shopping designer bags x 5-6

-          Sunglasses x1

-          Phone x1

-          Handbag x1 (black)


Production Company Title Card

For our production company title card, we plan to create something simmilar to the marvel title card, seen above but replacing it with our name 'Super Nova'. We do not want to copy the exact same style but have something which is similar.

This is because the title card of the production company will be either the first or second thing that appears on the screen during the two minute opening, so this will enforce the codes and conventions of the genre, as the audience will see and recognise a similar styled title card and will link it to the superhero / comic book genre straight away.

The logo will look like this:

Opening Titles Order

An important part of our opening is to follow the same order/ conventions that the titles are shown in the superhero genre. This is so that our film feels more authentic and so the audience will be able to link this convention back to other films in the same genre. For example, as seen below, during the superhero genre tends to style the director/producer as 'A ---- Film' or a 'A ---- Production', rather than 'Directed by' or 'Produced by'.

During the opening credits of Iron Man 2, the order of the credits is as below. 

1.) Distribution Company
2.) Production Company
3.) ‘A ---- Film’ Director
4.) Names Cast Members / Characters
5.) Producer
6.) Title Card

Again, for Superman Returns, I looked at the order of the credits, these followed a simmilar order and style to Iron Man's. For example the disribution and productions company appeared first and the directors name was styled as 'A Brian Singer Film'.

1.) Production/ Distribution
2.) Co-Producers
3.) ‘A ------ Production’ (Producer)
4.) ‘A ---- Film’ (Director)
5.) Title Card
6.) Names Cast Members / Characters

For a set of titles from a different genre of film, I looked at credits from Buried. Although some of the order is simmilar to these two previous films I have looked at. However, the rest of the titles took a different order and style.

1.) Production Company/ Co Production Companies
2.) ‘A ---- Film’ Director
3.) Names Main Cast Member
4.) Title Card


Filming Schedule

We intend to film on either the 25th of February, this will be for Effie's and Zoe's characters.

We will also film on the 4th of March, for Jess' character. As due to scheduling conflicts we cannot film all the characters on the same day.


Below is a video animatic of our storyboard, for the opening of the of 'Elements'.


Location for Filming

We will be filming in Bournemouth for the whole of our film opening. For each different section, we will film in different areas of Bournemouth and then for the final scene, they will meet in a central place, outside the cafe in the centre of town.

First Scenes with Scarlett
For the first scene we will start filming on the seafront, next to the beach. For the most part the camera behind her and will be looking out to sea. We will be shooting here becuase, it will be a big contrast to the city scenes and will re-enforce the three different lives we are following.

Second Scenes with Autumn
For the second scenes with Autumn we will be filming in the city centre, in and around different shops/ streets, below is one of the locations which will be in this section. We will be shooting here because this relates to her status, high end class. We will also be shooting some scenes in the park, to show off her powers, which relate to her element power: Earth.

Third Scenes with Flo/ All Three
This is where we will be showing the final few scenes, with all three charecters in these scenes. This will be at a netrual place, next to a cafe, which has no relation to their status. This will conclude the opening.