Final Opening: Elements

Below is our final opening, which has been uploaded to YouTube for viewing. We hope to also gain audience feedback from this.

Final: Preliminary Task

Below is the finished preliminary task:

Evaluation Question #7


Evaluation Question #5

How did you attract/address your audience?

After all the research we put into finding our target audience, we really wanted to target it at this audience and also in keeping with the brief given.

To attract both a male and female audience, as explained in other questions we decided to have female lead characters, as this will likely attract the female audience, which isn't as prominent for other mainstream films. Also the male audience which is already interested in the movie, could be interested in a new twist on the genre.


As our audience was aged around 15 - 25 year olds, we wanted an opening that would be memorable and something that they will keep engaged in throughout the opening, for this reason, we really worked on keeping shots short and having a lot of variety in them, we also used up beat music, along with editing the piece, so that not too long was spent on each character, so the audience did not get bored. Below is some feedback we received from some of our target audience members, who gave both good and bad feedback about the piece.

As we were also going to be focusing on a British audience primarily, because of both the distributor we would use and the limitations of filming and marketing. Because of the British audience we were aiming at, we did not want to give a 'cheesy' representation of Britain but something that they could relate to as a British audience, perhaps through the locations, scripting or the characters in the scenes.

The age of the characters is something we also wanted the audience to relate to, as the protagonists were either 16/17 we wanted to really make the audience connect to them, by producing a really realistic story, that could likely happen and show their 'alter egos'. Rather than some really unrealistic story, where the audience could not relate to the characters.


Evaluation Question #4