Feedback From First Draft

After a showing of the first draft, we received both positive and negative feedback, to help us improve the opening further. 

Positive feedback we received:

- In the opening there is a good range of camera shots and angles which make it interesting and relate to the characters well.

- The storyline and genre is made clear, which helped really helped by the codes and conventions that we have put in place

- The titles we have used are clear and smart, and fit in well with the opening and don't look out of place.

The negative feedback we received will now help us to improve the film. From the feedback we now know we need to sort the following:

- The diegetic audio is uneven in place, so we need to level out the audio, by increasing/ decreasing audio gain on each clip so all clips match each other. Also music underneath speech needs to be made quieter to make the dialogue really clear. 

- The establishing shot is slightly shaky, so this needs to be stabilised in premiere pro.

- The fire effect needs to track the hand movement better as it looks to unrealistic at the moment.

- Some shots of Jess and Zoe need to be shortened slightly to make sure we keep the audience's attention throughout.

- Music needs to be re -written in places to make it less repetative, as it makes the opening too boring otherwise.


Music Creation

As we are not permitted to use copyrighted music on our project, I decided to to create the music on an iPod app, called Garageband, as much of copyrighted music either would not fit with our opening scene, or it would not be good enough quality.

To create the music, in the app, I used a variety of music to create a full piece of music, for example below I recorded a variety of string intruments for the main part of the piece, as strings are quite often at the front of super hero scores and we want to keep to the codes/ convetions of the superhero genre.

I also added in a variety of other instuments such as keyboard and synth sounds, drum kits and pads and bass guitars, untill a full soundtrack sounded right. Other effects such as reverb and repeat were added for extra effect.

Pieces were made for both the title cards and for under the opening it's self.


Title Card: Editing

From the very beggining of our opening, we want to convey the conventions/ codes of the super hero genre. For this, as detailed earlier we have made a title card which is very simmilar to Marvel's title card.

This will make the audience recognise what genre the film is going to be straight away. For this I made the title in photoshop, which was a simple collection of font put together.

After this I exported each layer separatley as a photoshop file, this way I can animate the title in Premiere pro.

After this I imported the files into premiere pro, and combined it with pictures and music. By putting movement in the background and forground separetely, I was able to create something simmilar to the marvel title card.

Below is a copy of the title card finished with music and a copy of the distribution company's logo (Momentum Pictures)


Production Day 2

Production of Elements has now been completed. The second shoot has been completed with Jess' character: Scarlett. Below is some shots of the opening in production.

During the production, my role as director was to make sure that Jess knows what to do during each shot. Below a shot of the beach telling how to act during the next scene. Copies of the script and story board we're taken to make sure we had the complete amount of footage we needed/

Below we see a back tracking shot with, as the camera  follows the character of Jess as she walks foward. We got this shot tracking from both the front and the back, so we had a variety
of shots to choose from.

Here we see a high angle shot, looking down on Jess' character, we had to use a tripod, but as it was not big enough to get high enough, we both held it, to make sure the shot was stable and looked smooth when we edit it.

During this production day we got everything that we needed to complete the opening of our film. After this we will start on the editing of the piece, once we have impoted everything off the camera (and made back copies of the footage.)


Filming Re - Scheduled

Unfortunately filming had to be canceled due to it raining for when filming was scheduled 4th March (Yesterday).

We have re -scheduled to film 5th March (Tonight after school).