Audience Research Results

After sending to questionnaire to both 15 Female and 15 male people, from a wide range of ag we received these results, the answers are the top 4/5 most popular answers we received. These results will help us make informed decisions in our writing process.

What superhero films have you enjoyed in the past?
-          Iron Man
-          X-men
-          Hulk
-          Fantastic 4
-          Spiderman

What characteristics would you like the superhero to have?
-          Sensitive
-          Putting others first
-          Fiery attitude
-          Can be obnoxious

What would appeal to you in a superhero film?
-          Action effects
-          Good storyline
-          Action filled.
-          Interesting superpowers.
-          Their alter- ego/ lifestyle must be interesting.
-          Lead characters must be relatable

Male or female lead character?
-          Male x17
-          Female x13

What super powers would you want the character/s to have?
-          Speed/ flight
-          Something realistic – could happen/ not over the top
-          Subtle/ hidden
-          Gives them status power
-          Something they need responsibility for

In an opening to the film what would you like to see? Action? Introduction of characters?
-          Characters introduced
-          Something prominent to the storyline
-          Something that grabs your attention
-          Mystery


Initial Ideas

The initial idea for our film opening is below:

Three women start their daily lives, you see them leaving for work and going about their walk to work etc. However, whilst on the way to their location, you see that they are not normal everyday people as you see them using their superpowers, these powers are going to be the elements: fire, water and earth. All three women arrive at the same location, there is serious tension between the three, this concludes the opening.

Titles will be placed at the points that they use their powers.


Why do people watch Comic Book Movies?

Why do people actualy enjoy going to see comic book movies?

I think that often people will look up to the lead charecters a lot, because of the powers that they have and how they use it, for example captain america is an icon of the american nation, he is the protecter and also 'the avenenger' of the nation. So they will look up to him as a hero. This is also common in other charecters such as the green lantern and Professor X becuase they use their powers for the good of the nation or of the world, they choose to use them for good as well, so people respect them for it.

Also as their alter egos, people may relate to them, for example the green lantern was just a normal guy, untill he gained his powers through the ring, for this reason, the audience will be able to relate to the charecter, or may feel sorry for them because of the struggles and stress which the charecters gain, as they gain more responsibitly of being a hero.

Because the characters are in a way, two different people, they will gain either double the respect or double the hate from the viewers, depending on how they choose to use their powers.

This is key to how a character is portrayed, and how the story will be layed out for the rest of the movie.



Often in the narrartives in the openings of superhero movies we find out about the origin story or how the superhero gains their powers. This is obviously a pivotal point for a superhero movie, as the whole film is likely to revolving around them as the hero. This will be interesting for both a fan of the movie and will also create understanding for somone who is new to the series.

For this reason quite a lot of the narratives of these films are quite charecterer based. For example, where Peter Parker gains his powers is revolved around him as a charecter, in his 'normal' everyday life. We see him and what he does in his normal life, as a photographer,

I think that this is something that we should definately focus on in the opening, as it is something that will be able to achieve well.

Average Ratings

Average rating

For Spiderman 2, a well-known superhero movie, received these votes from Imdb. From these votes, first of all you can see that the film has received over 100,000 more votes from males, compared to females.

Males | 127, 785 Average Rating 7.6
Females | 37, 144 Average Rating 7.4

Also you can see how the average rating from the males is also higher than the females, this could show where in the audience these kind of films are most popular.

This is again shown through films such as batman, again showing the popularity from males more than females, both through the amount of votes and also through the rating, which always appears to be higher from males.

Males | 269,956 Average Rating 8.3
Females | 37, 144 Average Rating 8.1

Again this is shown, through the recent superhero movie, watchmen.

Males | 144, 038 Average Rating 7.7
Females | 16, 579 Average Rating 7.3



Logos and colours are fundamental to identifying a superhero and are a main part of these kind of movies, for example Iron Man obviously has an Iron tinted logo and armour, as they all link together.

This is seen by the pictures above, the logo takes on a similar set of colours to his suit and also link to the name 'IRON Man' 

Another example of this is The Green Lantern, who's logo, suit and name all link together. This seems to be a trend throughout most superhero movies. So  this is something we must carefully consider when creating our logo/identity for our opening.